Everything You Need To Know About a Carbon Laser Peel

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carbon laser peel

Many cosmetic treatments rely on anecdotes to display their efficacy. However, carbon laser peel research has proven how effective it is. According to scientific papers, carbon peel lasers can help people with acne, wrinkles, and almost every other factor related to skin quality!

More and more people are getting interested in carbon laser peeling because of the results that it can provide. When it comes to most cosmetic procedures, other treatments may only help with one or two things at a time.

The amazing thing about carbon laser peeling is that it can help with just about every aspect of skin quality all at once! Considering how powerful the results of carbon laser peels can be, some people imagine that they are difficult to recover from. Other people imagine that they can be too expensive for most people to receive.

Read on to learn the truth about how accessible and powerful carbon laser peel treatments can be for you!

What Is Carbon Laser Peeling?

Carbon laser peeling treatment works on the surface of your skin. Many people compare carbon laser peels to chemical peels.

However, these treatments do not rely on chemicals to peel off a layer of your skin. Instead, experts will apply a special solution of carbon to your skin and then use a laser to encourage your skin to peel.

Who Qualifies for Carbon Peeling Laser Treatment?

One of the great things about carbon peel laser treatments is that they are so gentle. That means that almost everyone can receive them without having to worry about negative effects. However, just because you can receive a treatment does not mean that you should do so.

So who are carbon peel laser treatments useful for? Almost everyone who wants to improve the quality of their skin can benefit from a carbon peel laser. No matter what is affecting your skin quality, there is a high probability that a carbon peel laser will help you resolve it.

If you have multiple different factors that are affecting your skin quality, a carbon peel laser may be the most efficient way to treat all of them at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of a Laser Carbon Peel?

It is almost easier to name what carbon peel lasers do not help with than it is to name everything that they do help with. That is because carbon peel lasers improve the vast majority of issues with skin quality.

Many people use carbon laser peels to help treat serious acne problems. If your acne is not responding well to other treatments, a laser carbon peel may provide the powerful yet gentle treatment that finally resolves your acne problems.

At the same time, some people use laser carbon peels to help them with acne pigmentation or acne scarring. Even if you have had acne scars for many years, laser carbon peel treatments can help eliminate them.

On the other hand, some people use laser carbon peels to help them with aging. Laser carbon peels can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only can these treatments delay the aging process, but they can even reverse the apparent age of your skin by years! They achieve this not only by smoothing out wrinkles but also by improving photo-aging.

Not everybody realizes that all exposure to the sun can age your skin, not just the kind of excess exposure that leads to sunburn. The more time in your life you have spent in the sun without protection, the better the chance is that you will benefit from a carbon peel treatment.

Other Benefits

Laser carbon peels can also treat problems with pores. There are only a few skin treatments that can effectively treat enlarged pores, but laser carbon peels are one of them. At the same time, laser carbon peels can improve any clogged pores you might be dealing with.

Last of all, carbon laser peels can help with melasma. When people have melasma, they develop discolouration in patches across their skin.

In most cases, this discolouration is a darker shade than the rest of the skin. Laser carbon peels can eliminate this discolouration. That can smooth out your overall skin tone.

Some people have only subtle discolouration. They might receive a laser carbon peel with the intent to treat enlarged pores only to realize how much brighter and smoother their skin looks after treatment.

That is because almost everyone has at least a little bit of unevenness in their skin tone. That means that almost anyone can benefit from laser carbon peels.

How Much Do Carbon Peels Cost?

Considering all of the things that laser carbon peels can help with, you might imagine that they would be expensive. However, advances in technology have made laser carbon peels affordable and accessible to almost anyone.

A standard laser carbon peel treatment might cost about $400. Although that is not an insignificant amount, it can also save you money in some ways.

Laser carbon peels can improve your skin quality so much that you can rely less on expensive skin care products to help you look your best.

On top of that, you may be able to use a lot less makeup once you have received laser carbon peel treatments. Using less makeup can save you money, but it can also help you maintain beautiful skin in the long run.

Although makeup can improve the appearance of your skin today, it can often clog up your pores and lead to more acne and other skin problems in the long run. Laser carbon peel treatments allow you to look your best without having to rely on makeup, helping you to keep your pores clear and enjoy beautiful skin for as long as possible.

You should keep in mind that insurance almost never covers cosmetic treatments like laser carbon peels. You can check with your insurance company, but it is probable that you will have to pay for laser carbon peel treatments out of your own pocket.

What Do You Need to Do After Receiving Laser Peels?

Laser carbon fuel treatments are gentle. However, they are powerful, so you will want to be careful with your skin for a few days after you receive one.

First, you should make sure to provide your skin with a gentle moisturizer each day. That can help it maximize its natural healing.

Keep in mind that you may see some dryness for a few days after your treatment. That is normal, so do not be concerned.

Your skin may be extra sensitive to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the Sun for several days after a laser carbon peel treatment. For that reason, you should use a strong sunscreen every couple of hours worth of exposure to the sun you get.

If you are using any products that contain retinol, you should discontinue them for about a week after your laser carbon peel treatment. These products can be intense, so it is better to go easy on your skin.

The same basic principle applies to exfoliating and other abrasive skin treatments. Avoid them for about a week after your laser carbon peel.

However, you can feel free to keep using products that help you manage oily skin and avoid acne. You can also use products that provide your skin with extra collagen.

Are There Any Laser Peel Side Effects?

When you understand how powerful a laser carbon peel treatment is, you might imagine that the side effects could be serious. However, the truth is that you will not have any serious side effects after a laser carbon peel.

As we have discussed, your skin may be a little bit sensitive. Even if you are not applying products to it, you might sometimes notice a gentle tingling sensation on your skin.

It is also possible that your skin will be somewhat red in the immediate aftermath of a laser carbon peel treatment.

You may also like to know that receiving a laser carbon peel treatment from the right provider will not inflict any pain. You can simply lie back and relax!

Understand the Most Important Things to Know About a Carbon Laser Peel

The more that you know about carbon laser peel treatment, the more you can assess if it is the right choice for you. Many people are amazed at how affordable carbon laser peel treatment can be and how little you have to do to prepare for one or to recover afterward.

On top of that, most people are surprised to find out that these treatments can help with almost every aspect of skin quality. To learn more about carbon laser peels and what they can do for you, get in touch with us here at any time!

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