What is a Q-Switched ND YAG Laser?

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Looking for a gentler alternative to skin resurfacing? With Q-switched laser machines, you can deliver a virtually painless treatment painless treatment that leaves the outer barrier of the skin intact while providing many of the benefits of skin resurfacing!

What Are Q-Switched Lasers Used For?

Q-switched ND YAG can improve the skin by stimulating aquaporins, collagen, procollagen and elastin. This makes them a great anti-aging treatment, as they can address many age-related imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, this versatile technology can also be used for more than just cosmetic treatments: it is also indicated for pigmented and vascular lesions, laser tattoo removal, and nail fungus treatment. Additionally, it is good for laser carbon peel treatments to help exfoliate the skin and reduce clogged pores.

What Are the Benefits?


Ablative treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing treatments, are used in various scenarios. However, they aren’t always suitable. Ablative treatments will increase sensitivity and patients will need to stay away from the sun after treatment. With non-ablative laser treatments from the Q-switched 1064 nm laser, patients can resume normal activity: they won’t have to stay indoors away from the sun for the healing process, and they can put on their face mask after treatment without significant sensitivity.

Quick Treatment with No Downtime

One of the most innovative and advantageous features of Q-switched ND YAG technology is that it is a comfortable treatment that only takes about 20 minutes, requires no numbing beforehand, and does not leave lingering redness and sensitivity.

As mentioned, there is no need for patients to change their routines and stay strictly away from the sun after treatment. There isn’t a healing process the way there is with some other laser treatments. All that is needed is to use high-SPF sunscreen for a few days following treatment!

Safe for Delicate Areas

The skin around the eyes, mouth, neck and décolleté is usually too delicate for laser treatments, but this type of laser is gentle and safe for these areas. Like other laser treatments, a Q-switched laser does create microscopic “wounds,” but it does so while also keeping the top layer of the skin intact. This means it’s ideal for even the delicate parts of the face and body.

The Versatile Alma-Q: The Best Q-Switched Laser Solution

If you want to address a wide range of indications with one piece of equipment, the Alma-Q is the best way to deliver a variety of aesthetic dermal treatments. It offers depth control, fractionated delivery and Long Pulsed and Quasi-Long Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm laser options for deep or superficial pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, vascular lesions, carbon peel and more.

Additionally, the ClearLift is an innovative Q-switched laser. This award-winning product was selected as “best anti-aging treatment” in 2019 in the UK! Practitioners enjoy the ability to set parameters on the ClearLift to customize it to each specific use. There are multiple tips available with ClearLift Plus, allowing for precise depth control and the ability to treat different skin types and conditions. Contact us to learn more about adding the ClearLift laser to your clinic today!

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