10 Things We Should All Remember When Using Social Media

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We are reaching out to all of our employees, subsidiaries, business partners and clients who are creating or contributing to blogs, social networks, discussion forums, or any other kind of social media related to Alma’s products and treatments. Alma is a proud member of the medical and surgical aesthetics industry which helps people of all nations improve their well-being as well as treat various health and aesthetic issues. As a major company we understand we have certain responsibilities. We care for the well-being of not only the people who seek our services but also the general social media users who are exposed to our advertisements and online content.

These people might be young or old, come from various economic and ethnic backgrounds, sympathetic to our industry or critical of it- The commonality of all of them is that they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Alma encourages the use social media for business and marketing purposes – communicating with potential clients, building consumer awareness to Alma’s technology and more. To avoid misuse and misrepresentation we request all to adhere to the following guidelines.

Our social media guidelines

1. Please refrain from posting discriminating, offensive or derogatory comments/media regarding a person’s age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, marital status or physical appearance.

2. When encountering negative comments from people on social media please use your common sense. If it is a customer who had a bad experience, attempt to continue the conversation privately. If it is malicious trolling please report to the social media platform help center.

3. Whenever posting content regarding Alma or our products do not use any media (video/music/photo) that you are unaware of its copyright status. The best practice is to use content published by Alma marketing team or ask for consent for from its creators. Using the ‘repost’ app and its counterparts won’t exempt you from lawsuits.

What should you say about Alma’s products?

4. As for our officially launched and cataloged products, we will be happy if you recommend them! You can discuss their general specs, benefits, technological advantages and your personal experience with them.

5. If favoring them over a competing device state it’s your personal opinion. Please refrain from “trashing” competitors or other companies’ products on social media.

6. Important! When posting content about Alma products please make sure it complies with our official brand guidelines including graphics and naming. (Our partners can view those in our partner zone)

7. When encountering another business partner or client misrepresenting our brands kindly notify our marketing team at [email protected]

What shouldn’t you say about our products?

8. Do not publish any content on social media, be it text or footage regarding products in trial and development stages! When we entrust our partners with such products we expect them to be discrete and patient.

9. Please do not describe our products with none-factual superlatives e.g. “The best device in the world”. You can strive to be more creative than that for sure (-:

What type of media is especially sensitive?

10. When it comes to visual based social media platforms such as Instagram, we feel there should be some boundaries to what should be published. We believe you should keep certain media private or for offline viewing. For instance, an uncensored or fully detailed video demonstrating a vaginal laser treatment. Even if it was published with consent of the patient, we feel these types of videos shouldn’t be posted publicly. The same goes with surgical procedures such as laser assisted liposuction and other invasive treatments. Full nudity also shouldn’t be displayed in regards to our treatments. If a patient is so enthusiastic and chooses to do so its their choice, but we will never ask them to do so for our sake. View below a censored version of a video posted on social media we feel is a bit too explicit.


In this example, the video could have been taken from behind the patient (if at all) and the post can be accompanied with explanatory text to describe the procedure rather than visualizing it. We know and admit videos are highly effective but there can be negative consequences to content which is not suitable for the entire public. Moreover, on Instagram unlike Youtube there are no age restriction settings to published content and therefor anything posted is available for all users, even children.

In conclusion, social media can be fun and beneficial both personally and professionally, but we must remember it is a platform for people. Therefore, we should conduct ourselves in the same manner we would in the “real” world. That is with dignity, compassion and respect.

Mr. Gidon Lev Eli, social media manager
Mrs. Atalia Itzcovich, digital manager

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