Turning that belly fat into 6 pack abs – fat grafting for men 

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The things you can do with your belly fat today are astounding. We are so accustomed to view body fat as a negative thing. A useless, lumpy tissue reminding us of all of our dietary regressions. Scientists, however, do not attribute “good” or “bad” labels to organic matter. They test it and try to see how it behaves and how it can benefit various fields such as medicine for example. A few bold pioneers who as early as 1893 (!!!) used fat auto-grafts (meaning they’re taken from the same patient) to repair soft tissue defects, paved the way to modern plastic surgeons that have refined and brought this method to perfection.

A few notes about belly fat and abdomen muscles

Why are males obsessed about their abs? why do females crave a flat tummy? When it comes to men’s appearances, the 6 pack abs might represent good health and fitness. However, if we try to dig deeper into our species’ origin, some researchers hypothesize that having stronger abdominal muscles contributed and facilitated larger brains in Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus humanoids. Culturally, the first accounts of 6 pack abs can be found in ancient Greek sculptures like this one above, and more.

There are so many workout methods advertised nowadays promising to achieve this look. Before you spend your time or money chasing this dream please keep in mind that specific spot exercises won’t necessarily reduce the fat around your belly. Also, the nutrition guidelines that some of these tutorials dictate are too general and won’t apply to every individual. Avoiding certain foods or Alcohol might do the trick for a while but once these are reintroduced into your body the belly fat will return in most cases as well.

Having a balanced and sustainable diet as well as exercising is very beneficial for your health. But committing one self to extreme measures that are only focused on achieving this one target might have negative effects on posture, metabolism and more.

The ground breaking technology by Alma that can help you achieve your dream abs

So, when all said and done, we are human. Some of us will always strive to fulfill our dreams and goals, despite all obstacles. Whether it’s the Crisitiano Ronaldo look, or the more natural Zac Efron shirtless figure, you can too achieve an impressive looking set of abs. How so? it all goes back to the first paragraph of this piece. It is well known now that women can use their own vital fat for breast or buttocks augmentation. Well, so can men use theirs to sculpt out pretty abs! No implants, no foreign substances. It’s just some laser assisted liposuction and then redistribution of the fat to accentuate and define the abdominal muscles. We call it BeautiFill.

belly fat transfer procedure
Recent fat transfer procedure performed in Japan using Alma’s technology

How does the BeautiFill fat transfer procedure work?

The technique is safe, and quite simple. The aesthetic surgeon draws dividing lines where your actual muscles lie. He will then decide also where to harvest the fat from. If you have sufficient deposits of fat on your belly or thighs, he will take it from there. If you’re rather skinny in those areas, he can take it from buttocks, back etc. In most cases there is no need for general anesthesia. A local one using a tumescent is sufficient in most cases. The second part will be to trim and define the 6 pack area using the laser.

Once enough fat is harvested, it will be filtered and prepared (a matter of minutes!). Then, the surgeon will inject the desired volume under the skin. This procedure is called fat grafting. The fat is usually placed in the center of each of the cubes he’s drawn on your stomach. It is meant to fill it out and make it more bulgy. The last touch (after a few minor stitches of course) will be to wrap the patient up with an elastic band to help the injected fat remain intact and stabilize for a few days.

Where can you get the fat grafting 6 pack abs treatment?

That’s it! in some countries this procedure can even be performed at an outpatient location so you don’t even need to go to a hospital for it. Whatever leftovers remain of the fat extracted during the procedure can be stored for future injections (e.g as fillers to increase face volume, penis augmentation and more). Isn’t it awesome? the fat you’ve once regarded as a menace is actually a natural asset that can serve your aesthetic needs far into the future. This treatment is available in over 30 countries, to find a nearby treatment center please use our clinic-finder.

See video below and before and after photos of BeautiFill by LipoLife treatment. Courtesy f Dr. Avi Levi, one of the leading expert plastic surgeons that have mastered this approach.

6 pack abs before and after photos
Before and after BeautiFill 6 pack treatment courtesy of Dr. Avi Levi

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