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Australia’s leading aesthetic devices, cosmetic and medical laser equipment provider.

Alma Lasers is the leading provider of quality, effective aesthetic devices, and cosmetic and medical lasers equipment in Australia. Our machines are able to provide treatment on a range of cosmetic, medical and surgical issues. Our medical laser equipment is capable of skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing, as well as providing treatment for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, stretch marks and vitiligo. The equipment we provide is also able to perform cellulite removal, hair removal, body contouring and laser tattoo removal. For surgical treatments, Alma Lasers provides machines and devices designed to effectively perform a number of procedures. These include fat grafting, laser liposuction, vaginal tightening and the treatment of varicose veins or vaginal dryness. Our devices have also been used by surgeons to perform post-delivery rehabilitation, gyn health and provide ENT and stress urinary incontinence treatments. Look no further than Alma Lasers for your aesthetic, medical and cosmetic solutions.