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Australia’s leading aesthetic devices, cosmetic and medical laser equipment provider.

Work with a World-Renowned Brand
Alma Lasers ranks among the top 5 global industry leaders with a stellar track record in innovating laser, light-based, ultrasound and radio-frequency solutions for the surgical and aesthetic markets. Partner with a company that believes in and harnesses the power of science.

Choose a Company Committed to Quality Assurance
We have robust documentation and certifications that prove the quality of our products. Committed to total customer satisfaction, Alma Lasers meets industry quality standards in multiple jurisdictions, including Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan and Brazil.

Receive a Free Consultation
Alma Lasers provides a free consultation to our clients. Our team helps you determine the appropriate equipment for your clinic and assists in the logistics of delivery and training. We also have digital brochures to help you assess your needs.

Get Training for Every Machine
For every purchase, Alma Lasers arranges a training session for your team. One of our specialists will visit your location to provide training so that your team will make the most of each device. Additionally, Alma Lasers is the only aesthetic device provider you’ll ever need. We have an extensive selection of equipment for hair removal, facial treatments, body treatments, and surgical treatments.

Experience Excellent After-Sales Service
Alma Lasers provides outstanding after-sales support to all our clients. Apart from the training session, our team welcomes follow-up questions or requests for assistance.

A Focus on Research and Development
Although Alma Lasers enjoys a reputation for quality, we invest in continuous improvement. Research and Development are at the core of Alma Lasers—about 16% of our workforce are R&D specialists, a quarter of who hold advanced degrees. Because we put a premium on R&D, Alma Lasers has the shortest time to market. The industry standard is 3 to 4 years; Alma Lasers does it in 1 to 2 years.