Alma Lasers Australia launches its very own Laser Safety Course

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At Alma Lasers, educating and training our clients to properly use our wide range of machines is one of our biggest priorities. It’s the main reason we created Alma Academy Australia, an online learning platform where our customers and clients can undertake courses to improve their skills and learn how to get the most out of their laser machine.

One of our flagship courses which we recently released is our Laser Safety Theory Course. This special laser safety course is an enriched, online 8 hour program developed by the Alma Lasers Clinical Department. It is designed to teach participants how to safely use lasers, whether it be for medical aesthetic or surgical purposes.

What’s in the course?

The Alma Laser Safety Theory Course is an 8 hour online laser course which covers 5 different content topics:

  1. Light physics
  2. Laser tissue interactions
  3. Laser classifications
  4. Laser safety, hazards of medical aesthetic lasers, role of the laser operator
  5. Australian laser regulations

Each topic is essential and are specifically made to work together to teach you how to safely utilise your laser equipment. Content is taught via online lecture presentations from our head of clinical affairs. 

This laser safety course also features clinical papers and references for additional teaching and information. There are also checkpoint quizzes to test the knowledge you have learned. At the end of the course you will undertake a final examination covering the entire course. Once passed, you’ll receive an official certificate to show that you have successfully completed the course.

Who is the course for?

The Alma Laser Safety Theory Course is made for those who regularly use or are in contact with medical aesthetic and surgical lasers. This includes cosmetic practitioners, surgeons and beauty therapists. The course is also ideal for assistants and nurses. It’s also beneficial for those who are thinking of starting a business involving lasers. Our course is also available in Chinese Mandarin for our Chinese clients.

What can I get out of the course?

Knowing how to safely and correctly use your laser systems and machines will be beneficial regardless of what you use it for. This includes services such as tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation or hair removal.

By undertaking our laser safety course, you will learn how to properly and correctly use your laser equipment, which in turn will provide many benefits for you, your patients and your business.

Learning how to safely use your laser equipment will keep you from harm, protecting your eyes, hands, and other non-target biological areas. It will also improve your accuracy and strength when using lasers.

Your patients will also greatly benefit from safe laser use. Since you will be more experienced in using lasers, they will experience minimised operational and post procedural side effects, leading to greater patient satisfaction. That can only result in good things for you as a business owner. You’ll see better customer reviews, increased word-of-mouth referrals and a growing customer base for your practice.

How can I sign up?

To sign up for our laser safety course, get in touch with our team or simply click on this link. We also offer special deals on course fees for those who currently use a machine from our Alma Lasers product range.

Our new laser safety course is only the beginning. Alma Academy Australia is growing and will soon feature webinars, podcasts, and tutorials on top of additional new courses. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay updated with all the new and exciting things happening at Alma Lasers!

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