Vascular Laser Treatments

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Vascular Laser Treatments

Vascular lasers use light to target and destroy unwanted capillaries and blood vessels of the skin. They are used to treat several vascular conditions such as varicose and spider veins, facial redness and rosacea, and port wine stain birthmarks. The laser wavelength is chosen to selectively target the abnormal blood vessels only, sparing the surrounding normal skin structures. The result is clear, smooth skin and renewed confidence. When used properly by trained practitioners, the procedure is extremely safe and effective, and provides clear results that last for a long time.

How does vascular laser treatments work?

Vascular lasers work by delivering light energy that penetrates the outer layers of skin to reach capillaries and blood vessels below. These targeted blood vessels selectively absorb the light energy and are then destroyed by the brief but intense heat created by the laser. The body’s lymphatic system then removes the damaged vessels gradually until the vascular conditions fade and disappear. Surrounding tissue is unaffected because it does not selectively absorb this wavelength of light.

Alma Laser’s vascular laser treatment products

Harmony XL PRO

Alma Lasers’ Harmony XL Pro is a comprehensive multi-application platform to treat a versatile range of medical aesthetic conditions. The Harmony XL Pro features several innovative applicators that make treating vascular conditions and lesions such as varicose and spider veins easy and pain-free.

One of these is the Cooled Long Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm applicator which is designed for the precise treatment of vascular lesions on both the face and body. Additionally, the narrowband spectrum of the Dye SR and Dye VL applicators make them optimal for targeting a range of vascular lesions.

When combined with Alma Lasers’ patented InMotion technology, patients will be able to enjoy a vascular laser treatment that is not only super effective but virtually pain-free as well.

Harmony Lite (REJUVE)

The Harmony Lite (REJUVE) is another one of our vascular laser treatment machines. The Harmony Lite (REJUVE) utilises our innovative Dye-PL™ technology which provides precise, clear-cut results for vascular lesions.

A core feature of the Harmony Lite (REJUVE)’s Dye SR and Dye VL applicators, Dye-PL™ technology (Dye pulsed light) harnesses light energy from a very precise narrow band spectrum to optimise absorption by hemoglobins and oxyhemoglobin. This selective destruction (photothermolysis) of these chromophores removes the appearance of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. The Harmony Lite (REJUVE) is perfect for all Fitzpatrick skin types from I-V. It is also designed to be a comfortable, pain-free vascular laser treatment.


Lastly, Alma Laser’s VascuLife is one of the safest and most effective varicose vein treatments available on the market. VascuLife™ features a unique robotic pull-back fiber system as well as a 360 degree radial emitting diode- allowing for complete and accurate treatment of great and small saphenous veins (GSV, SSV), yielding long term and outstanding clinical results.

Treat vascular conditions of all kinds more effectively and more safely with a vascular laser treatment product from the Alma Lasers range. Contact our team today and see what we can do for you!

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