Alma Lasers 101: Spotlighting Accent Prime

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alma lasers

In 2020 alone, over 14 million nonsurgical procedures were performed globally. With these procedures on the rise, Alma Lasers is committed to bringing their clients the best treatment options available.

Accent Prime is the newest and most advanced technology to date. But what exactly is Accent Prime and is it right for your practice? Continue reading to learn more!

What is Accent Prime?

The Accent Prime treatment is a new workstation for skin tightening, body contouring, and aesthetic enhancement. This non-surgical procedure can be applied across the entire body, including the face, in a matter of 20 minutes. 

Alama Lasers Accent Prime can be designed specifically for different skin types. It also precisely targets fat cells while leaving other surrounding tissue unharmed. The wave vibrations help to break down and release stored fat which is eventually disposed of through the lymphatic system.

Microplasma (RF) power is then used to resurface the skin with heat energy. This tightens and smooths the skin, reducing cellulite and helping to build new collagen. 

Accent Prime Benefits

There are many benefits to Accent Prime, Alama Lasers. One huge benefit is the non-invasive nature of the procedure. Patients won’t have to worry about downtime. Patients won’t need to take time off of work to recover and can leave immediately after the treatment.

Another benefit is the length of time of the procedure. Alma Lasers Australia has provided a treatment that takes only 20 minutes to accomplish. Patients can come in on their lunch breaks, get the procedure done, and head back to work with no problem. 

Patients choose to get cosmetic procedures for a number of reasons. They are choosing slow progressive treatments now more than ever. The biggest benefit of Accent Prime is its results.

An average of 6-8 treatments are recommended to see results for as long as two years. Each session will be about 1-2 weeks apart. Once all sessions are complete, patients will see the body shape they’ve been wanting, their cellulite and extra fat are gone, and their skin is tighter.

Alma Lasers’ reviews don’t lie! Alma Lasers is a credible company with proven methods for success and patient and provider benefits. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Painless procedure
  • FDA approved
  • Fast, easy to use, plug and play technology
  • No disposables
  • Customizable treatment plans per patient

Why Choose Accent Prime?

Unlike other non-invasive body contouring procedures, Accent Prime is a complete workstation for fat reduction and skin tightening. With one treatment plan, your patients will see all of the benefits they are looking for. 

Quick, painless procedures with no downtime make it easier to accept more patients within a shorter amount of time. The technology is also very easy-to-use and has no disposables. 

As a customizable program, patients can choose to only reduce fat, only tighten skin, or both. Alma Lasers’ price is also market average and affordable for a multitude of people. 

Alma Lasers Accent Prime

If you’re looking for a new comprehensive treatment plan for body contouring and fat reduction, try Accent Prime. This new advanced technology will be exactly what your patients are looking for.

This non-invasive procedure gives all of the benefits with zero downtime. For more information on Alma Lasers’ Accent Prime, contact us today!

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