Top 4 Benefits of Getting a Carbon Laser Treatment

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Struggled to get clear skin? Sick of all the wrinkle creams that have big claims but don’t work? You can spend thousands of dollars on a range of skin care products and lotions which give you no results. Or you can get a carbon laser treatment.

This laser treatment has been gaining popularity with red carpet celebrities worldwide. What exactly is it? First, we’ll take a look into what a carbon laser treatment is, and then how it’ll benefit you and your skin.

What is a Carbon Laser Treatment?

Lasers will eviscerate the carbon solution along with the dirt and oil they absorb 

Also known as a carbon laser peel, carbon laser facial, or china doll facial, the carbon laser treatment peel is a revolutionary laser skin treatment that makes use of lasers to treat various skin conditions and imperfections. With proper execution, this treatment is painless, has no side effects, no downtime, and immediate results. 

The carbon laser treatment is a 2-step process. First, a layer of liquid activated carbon is applied to the entire face. This carbon will penetrate deep into the pores of the skin and absorb oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. It is then left to dry for 10 minutes to have its full effect.

Once the liquid carbon has dried and penetrated into the pores of the skin, a laser will be passed over the skin. This laser energy will heat and destroy the carbon particles on the surface of the skin and within the pores. The result of this is a deep skin resurfacing effect and immediate skin smoothing.

Carbon laser peel treatment is safe for most skin types, contributing to its rise in popularity. Unlike typical chemical peels, where a chemical solution removes the top layers of skin, carbon laser treatment does not involve the use of any harsh chemicals. This means people who have sensitive skin can also try this laser treatment for various skin conditions after consulting a doctor or skin specialist. 

What Benefits Do You Get?

Acne Treatment And Pore Clearing

Acne can be hard to control

To understand how carbon laser treatment helps treat acne and clears pores, let’s first understand what they are. Our skin contains sebaceous glands, which produce a chemical called sebum. These sebaceous glands are generally connected to our hair follicles, and the highest concentration of them are found in our scalp and face. Sebum is the oil that rises up to the surface of our skin to keep it moisturised. 

Pores are the general term for the very small openings around sweat and oil glands which help those liquids to move around our skin’s surface. Acne a the skin disorder that causes these glands and pores to become blocked, causing pimples to form.

People who struggle with oily skin, enlarged pores and acne will find carbon laser treatment very beneficial. The laser energy generated by the carbon laser process will remodel and contract pores through the heating of the skin. This will in turn reduce excess oil production and reduces the appearance of dilated, enlarged pores.

The carbon laser is effective in directly treating acne membranes and removing them, as well as the surrounding acne inflammation. It removes the oil, dirt and bacteria found within the acne and helps prevent flare-ups from occurring in the future. And due to its mild nature, this laser treatment is great for acne on other areas of the body, such as the back.

Eliminates Fine Lines And Wrinkles 

Get smoother skin, rejuvenated skin

During the lasering process, the energy from the laser produces heat in the skin. This heat stimulates collagen production, which along with elastin and fibroblast, combine to rejuvenate the skin and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. 

Collagen is a protein that makes up 75% of our skin’s support structure. It’s also found within our bones, tendons and ligaments. As we age, our skin loses collagen, and the new collagen we naturally produce to replace it is of lower quality. The lasers used in carbon laser facials cause the production of new collagen that would otherwise not be possible.

Elastin is another naturally occurring protein, which as the name suggests controls the elasticity of various tissue, including skin. Fibroblast is a cell that connects and supports other tissues and organs in the body. Fibroblast is the cell that produces the collagen protein mentioned above.

Effective Against Melasma (Dark Spots)

Carbon laser treatment are great for managing melasma

Carbon laser treatment are a helpful treatment for people suffering from melasma. Melasma is a skin condition that describes the overproduction of melanin, the substance in our skin that gives colour and pigment. Melasma affects more women than men, and usually starts occurring at the age of 20 – 40. The face is a major area where this hyperpigmentation is found, which causes many people with the condition a significant impact on their quality of life. 

Melasma is a chronic condition that requires multiple and ongoing treatments. This also applies with carbon laser treatment of the condition. The lasers work by breaking up melanin cells in the skin, and are most suited to people who have not had success with topical treatment.

Evens Skin Tone

Get clear and even skin with a carbon laser treatment

Because of its ability to stimulate production of collagen, elastin, fibroblast and break up melanin cells, carbon laser treatment is also great for evening skin tone. After a treatment, your skin will become brighter and more consistent in an instant! Acne scars, irregular textures and premature ageing from sun exposure will all show improvement. 

Book Your Carbon Laser Treatment For Clear Skin Today! 

So there you have it, the 4 incredible benefits of getting a carbon laser treatment! This revolutionary laser treatment is great for treating a variety of skin conditions, from acne, to melasma, to wrinkled skin. Find your nearest laser clinic equipped with quality alma lasers machines and speak with a professional to get the skin you’ve been dreaming of!

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