Laser technology news: Alma features on the 27th Edition of the Aesthetic Medical Practitioner magazine

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At Alma Laser, our position as a global innovator of laser solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets has opened up many opportunities for our brand. One such opportunity we were given was the chance to feature in the 27th Edition of the highly prestigious Aesthetic Medical Practitioner magazine.

The Aesthetic Medical Practitioner (AMP) magazine is one of the longest running cosmetic surgery and beauty arenas publications in Australia. Made especially for Australian practitioners, AMP is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of laser technology news, insights and event round-ups in the aesthetic medicine space.

Our special feature’s main focus was on one of our latest machines, the Alma Hybrid. The Alma Hybrid is the latest in light-based energy products, delivering the gold standard in skin rejuvenation and scar treatment.

To demonstrate the Alma Hybrid’s features and capabilities, AMP conducted an exclusive Q&A with Dr Saleem Loghdey, a key opinion leader in laser technology news and the Australian aesthetic medicine industry. Dr Loghdey is a dermatologist and MOHS surgeon based in Sydney with over 12 years of experience under his belt.

With expertise in cutaneous laser surgery, dermatopathology, paediatric dermatology and cosmetic dermatology, Dr Logdhey was the perfect person to speak to AMP readers about his experience with Alma Lasers and the new Alma Hybrid machine.

“The Alma Hybrid is a very well designed machine, easy to use, very economical and has an intuitive and streamlined clinical workflow”, said Dr Logdhey.

The Alma Hybrid’s main draw is its hybrid technology, which uses both ablative and non-ablative lasers, as well as ultrasound to provide highly customisable treatment.

“The benefit of having the non-ablative and ablative wavelengths means the treatments are customisable depending on the patient’s indication and skin type”, said Dr Loghdey. “The downtime can also be minimised with these features”.

Customisation is one of the key features of the Alma Hybrid. Innovative technology such as the patented HyGrid mode allows it to provide a high degree of customisation. This helps practitioners can better tailor treatments to suit their patients.

“There is no one fits-all approach when doing laser treatments”, said Dr Loghdey, emphasising the importance of tailored treatment.

Another main feature of the Alma Hybrid is it’s all-in-one functionality. The Alma Hybrid features three different technologies –  CO2 10,600nm, non-ablative 1570nm laser and transepidermal delivery system.

Dr Logdhey explained that, “the biggest advantage of having three technologies in one is when you are dealing with scars… you really need those three modalities to treat them effectively. There are multiple studies published on the effectiveness of treating scars with a multimodality approach”.

The Alma Hybrid’s ability to provide custom, all-in-one treatment all but guarantees great results with high customer satisfaction.

Dr Logdhey concluded his Q&A with the same sentiment.

“My patient feedback has been very positive and I am seeing great results… all my patients are looking for an effective treatment with the shortest downtime and the Alma Hybrid gives you that.”

The Alma Hybrid can do the same for your patients. For more information on the Alma Hybrid, get in touch with our team and we’d love to help you out!

We’d also like to thank both Dr Saleem Logdhey for his time and the AMP for allowing us to feature in this month’s edition of laser technology news.

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