Attain a nationally recognised Laser Safety certificate

An enriched, online 8-hour course brought to you by the Alma Lasers Clinical Department for only $270

What We Offer

Suitable for those in contact with medical aesthetic and surgical lasers or thinking of starting a business involving lasers

An enriched, online 8-hour course that is recognised across all of Australia & New Zealand

We offer special offers for those with Alma technology

Benefits of Correct Laser Use

Protects eyes and other non-target biological tissues

Provides controlled accuracy
and strength

Minimises operational and post procedural side effects

Increases patient satisfaction

What’s Included?


Clinical papers &

Checkpoint quizzes

Final examination &

Key Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Explain laser physics
• Summarize and apply the five main therapeutic parameters with an emphasis on desired patient outcome
• Explain and differentiate between the laser tissue interaction
• Select appropriate lasers for a variety of medical aesthetic applications with an emphasis on desired patient outcomes
• Identify and apply the Australian laser classifications
• Understand and apply safety precautions
• Interpret the markings on laser safety eyewear and select the appropriate eyewear for the operator and client
• Understand laser safety admin and the roles of a Laser Safety Officer and Laser Safety Committee
• Explain and implement legislative regulations for the use of laser technology in Australia and your jurisdiction
• Explain and implement policies and procedural guidelines