Alma Lasers at the 43rd Annual ASAPS Conference

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Earlier this month, Alma Lasers was proud to be able to attend the 2021 43rd ASAPS Annual Virtual Conference, a special plastic surgery event where specialist plastic surgeons from all over Australia came together to share their knowledge and learn from one another on a number of topics from facial surgery to laser liposuction.

Spanning over two days, this year’s conference was a goldmine of educational information. It also featured an amazing line-up of notable speakers from around the globe.

A key highlight of the conference was the presentation given by Dr Massimiliano Brambilla, a board certified plastic surgeon from Italy. At this year’s plastic surgery event, he spoke on the topic of diode laser autologous fat transfer. He commented on its ability to perform fat grafting and liposuction procedures better than other available technology.

“When we perform liposuction, we gently detach fat cells from septal fibers and we keep fat cells in their integrity”, said Dr Brambilla, speaking on the effectiveness of diode last autologous fat transfer.

Dr Brambilla continued his presentation by covering the benefits of this new technology for both patients and surgeons. He then concluded that, “diode laser assisted fat graft is indeed a very promising technology”.

Our team also had the opportunity to present ourselves to this year’s plastic surgery event delegation. Alma Lasers General Manager Tal Uzan had the opportunity to address hundreds of attendees via a special video presentation.

“Alma Lasers is one of the top 5 laser manufacturers worldwide”, Uzan said. “We are here to revolutionise your practice and make it profitable”.

We also used this opportunity to present one of our latest products, the BeautiFill, a next generation fat grafting and laser liposuction machine.

BeautiFill is one of the first of its kind, taking the traditional practice of liposuction and revolutionising it with the added integration of laser technology.

“The BeautiFill is made for the practitioner who wants to up-level, provide quality results to their client; who wants to achieve the gold standard in autologous fat transfer”, said Tiarnna Smith, a clinical applications specialist at Alma Lasers.

Smith added that the BeautiFill is able to “…offer clients something that not every clinic or practitioner can offer”.

Our presentation demonstrated the BeautiFill’s innovative technological features including effective skin tightening, high fat vitality rate, and stem cell harvesting which contributes to regenerative medicine.

The BeautiFill also provides practitioners with the ability to go beyond traditional fillers. This makes it capable of targeting large areas such as the breast and buttocks.

“Not only does the BeautiFill do autologous fat transfer, it has a simultaneous laser element”, said Smith. “This means it does skin tightening simultaneously, so you get a high definition liposculpture use with the BeautiFill”.

We showcased the BeautiFill’s versatility, expert craftsmanship and ability to provide long lasting results. All in all, the BeautiFill is the perfect fat grafting and laser liposuction machine for plastic surgeons, and along with our Alma Laser training programs, made it an absolute game changer for the industry.

“We’re excited to see what the BeautiFill can do for your practice”, concluded Smith. “And we can’t wait to welcome you to the Alma Lasers community”.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend this year’s plastic surgery event at the ASAPS Annual Conference. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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