Laser Tattoo Removal

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What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoos are a unique way to express yourself and showcase beautifully created art pieces on your body. But there may be times where you find yourself having second thoughts about your brand new body ink. Luckily with today’s technology, you’ll have to never live with the regret of a shoddy or fading tattoo. Getting rid of an unwanted tattoo is now easier than ever with our laser tattoo removal service. Laser is the go-to solution for tattoo removal because of its ability to effectively remove tattoos without scarring.

How does laser tattoo removal machine work?

During a tattoo session, ink is inserted into various depths within the deepest layer of skin- the dermis. To get the ink out during laser tattoo removal, high intensity lasers create light energy which is pulsed into the skin and absorbed by the ink. This creates a photoacoustic effect, heating and shattering the ink into tiny pieces, which the body’s lymphatic system flushes out. Each laser treatment further breaks down the tattoo until it is completely gone.

Laser tattoo removal is also effective in removing multi-coloured tattoos. To do this, the laser treatments use various laser wavelengths that target different ink colours.


The PICO CLEAR is Alma’s premier laser tattoo removal machine, capable of full, non-invasive tattoo removal within only a few treatment sessions. Alma’s PICO CLEAR offers top-of-the-line technology featuring the shortest pulse duration in the market of 300-350 picoseconds. This state-of-the-art flexible platform allows the practitioner to control multiple function parameters to create tailored treatments: wavelength, energy level, spot size, energy delivery mode, and repetition rate.

PICO CLEAR features a novel technology which modifies the pulse profile – delivering two sequential pulses within a single lasing cycle, instead of one. This new energy delivery mode extends common Picosecond laser technology benefits by enhancing the photoacoustic impact as well as adding a thermal effect.

The PICO CLEAR also features multiple applications such as the CLEAR-Y and CLEAR-R which effectively targets multi-coloured ink.

All in all, the PICO CLEAR’s unique and innovative technology results in incredibly effective tattoo removal with zero scarring and minimal downtime.

Are you looking to buy laser tattoo removal devices in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? Get in touch with our team right now!


Another machine in Alma Lasers’ range capable of effective laser tattoo removal is the SINON II. The SINON II features a Q-switched Ruby laser (QSRL), with an optimal 694nm wavelength and an extraordinarily short pulse width of only 20nsec. This makes it one of the safest and most precise laser treatment solutions available for multi-colour tattoo removal.

The SINON II’s high pulse repetition rate and easy spot size changes allow for faster treatments and greater penetration depth, while low fluence values ensure minimal side effects while achieving excellent clinical outcomes.

Our innovative machine is particularly effective for treating resistant tattoo ink colors such as lime-green, sky-blue and teal. With precise ink targeting and high peak power, the SINON II removes tattoo pigments in fewer treatments, yielding greater patient satisfaction.

Say goodbye to the regret of unwanted tattoos and say hello to Alma Lasers’ range of laser tattoo removal machines instead! Get in touch with our team to inquire about our machines today.

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