Laser for Cellulite vs. Other Treatment Options: A Quick Guide

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laser for cellulite

Are you concerned about cellulite? Millions of individuals worldwide have been plagued with unsightly cellulitis around their thighs, arms and midsection. In fact, 80%-90% of all women and 10% of men have gone through some form of cellulite on their bodies during their lifetime.

This condition can leave many people suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem from cellulite. 

Surgeries can be expensive and painful to treat and are just out of people’s comfort zones. The great news is there’s a minimally invasive way to treat this condition. One way to treat this condition is through laser therapy for cellulite.

In this article, we are going over laser for cellulite and how it can benefit you. 

What Causes Cellulite

Cellulite is a fatty lining underneath the dermal layers, which causes your skin to look lumpy and “cottage cheese” like. Cellulite can be caused by untreated skin conditions, obesity and aging. 

Although obesity is a leading cause of cellulite in the skin, leaner people can also be stricken by the condition. Losing weight doesn’t eliminate cellulite altogether, which means cellulite treatment is the only option in some cases.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Cellulite Laser Treatment

Due to a popular myth, women aren’t the only ones affected by cellulite. Men can get it too! If you are unhappy with the sight of cellulite and want to get it treated without a procedure being too invasive, you’ll be a good candidate for the procedure.

You’ll need to be in overall good health and wish to have a get laser therapy for cellulite.

What about Topical Treatments?

Topical treatments such as vacuum suction or massage of the subcutaneous fat are viable options for treatments. The only problem with this is that they yield temporary results, and you’ll need to get it done a few times a month. 

This can become costly and requires lots of time out of your month to get this done.

Creams and oils available on the market that claim cellulite reduction. Most of the time, these investments rarely give noticeable results. Laser therapy for cellulite is one of the best treatments that yield longer results.

What About Surgical Procedures

There are surgical procedures available, but these are procedures have long downtimes, lengthened recovery periods and can be pretty painful. If you want results with minimal downtime and less of a recovery period, Laser cellulite treatments may be the one to choose.

Is Laser For Cellulite the Right Treatment For You?

If you want the least amount of downtime, a short recovery period and don’t want to go through a surgical procedure, cellulite laser treatment may be the right option. As long as you’re in good shape, don’t have untreated medical conditions, and try to decrease your obesity level as much as you can, you are a good fit for treatment. 

If you want to know more about laser for cellulite treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Medical professionals can give you the insight you need to get you back on the path of feeling good about your looks today.

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