How to Choose a Laser Stretch Mark Removal Machine for Your Laser Clinic

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Owning and running a cosmetic clinic can be daunting. Finding the right machine for laser stretch mark removal can be exhausting, and patients will look to other clinics if they question the effectiveness and safety of the laser treatment options offered. In this article, we explain why you need a machine capable of removing stretch marks and how to choose the right one. 

Laser treatment is a popular option for treatment of stretch marks 

What does a laser stretch mark removal machine do?

Many people develop stretch marks in various areas of their body, including the stomach, buttocks and thighs. This could be due to pregnancy, weight gain or height growth. A laser stretch mark removal machine works by utilising the power of either an ablative or non-ablative lasers to reduce the appearance of stretch marks to a significant degree. 

Ablative Lasers

Ablative lasers work by removing the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. This type of laser then heats the skin underneath, the dermis. This will stimulate the production of new collagen in the skin, which is one of its main building blocks. As the skin heals, the collagen will help the stretch mark area to be much smoother than before.

Non-Ablative Lasers

Non-ablative lasers work by skipping the removal of the outermost layer of skin, only heating the dermis layer underneath. This less aggressive approach also stimulates the production of new collagen, with less downtime at the cost of milder results. Non-ablative lasers are recommended for people with darker-toned skin as there is a reduced risk of discolouration or abnormal pigmentation after recovery.

How to choose the right one for stretch mark removal treatments

What are the main considerations when choosing your laser stretch mark removal machine?

Safety is essential

Laser treatment can be very scary for the average person. Machines with adequate research and development, along with safety testing will be key to gaining and maintaining trust with patients. Additionally, treatments that result in unexpected side effects and harm patients will likely tarnish the reputation of your clinic.

Build Quality

The build quality of a laser machine has a large effect on how well a clinic can operate. Malfunctioning and broken equipment drives away patients and will leave a bad image for your business. Furthermore, patients will expect the equipment that is used to be effective, and not require excessive visits to complete treatments.


Versatile machines will add to long-term cost savings

Purchasing a cosmetic laser machine will be a major investment. A major consideration will be whether there will be enough demand in your local market for the treatments it can carry out. Having a machine that is versatile and can complete a wide range of treatments can even out the cost better than a single purpose machine.

Why You Should Choose the Harmony XL Pro

With these concerns in mind, it’s now time to decide which laser stretch mark removal machine will be the right one for you. The Harmony XL Pro goes above and beyond in the areas of safety, build quality and cost-effectiveness.  

This multi-function laser machine has 72 FDA-cleared indications, meaning it is capable of treating 72 different skin conditions. This capability is currently unmatched, with no other machines with this wide of a range in abilities. It has both an iPixel ER applicator with YAG 2940nm (ablative laser) and a Clearskin Pro 1540nm (Non-ablative fractional) for treatment of various levels of stretch marks for different skin types and skin tones. Don’t hesitate to inquire now about purchasing this laser stretch mark removal machine for your clinic today!

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