Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks: What Your Patients Need to Know

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Laser scar removal treatment

Did you know that 50 to 90% of Australians have stretch marks? This common skin condition does not require medical attention. However, many patients wish to remove these markings using cosmetic laser treatments. 

Because of the prevalence of stretch marks, laser treatments are a great way to help your patients feel more comfortable in their own skin. Not sure how to talk to your patients about laser treatment for stretch marks? Here are some tips that will ensure your patients’ comfort and understanding: 

What Are Stretch Marks?

Before explaining the laser treatment to your patients, it is important that they understand what stretch marks are and how they form. 

Let your patients know that stretch marks are a type of scar caused by skin stretching. There is no real known way of preventing these marks from forming, either. 

It is also critical to let patients know just how common these marks are, and how they can occur on anyone. Stretch marks may come from growth spurts, pregnancy, or weight gain. Knowing where these marks come from, and that there are options to get rid of them, will help to put the patient’s mind at ease.  

Explaining Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

It is important for your patients to know that laser treatments are the only scientifically proven way to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. These lasers light energy to stimulate the production of new collagen. 

Both non-ablative and ablative laser treatment for stretch marks is available. Ablative laser treatment for stretch marks targets and removes the outer layers of the skin in order for new, non-scarred skin to grow in its place. Non-ablative laser treatment for stretch marks focuses on the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. 

Both types of lasers are effective in the treatment of stretch marks. In fact, both can be used in conjunction to provide optimal results. At Alma Lasers, we offer several different options for treating stretch marks that will provide the best outcomes for your patients’ needs. 

What Patients Should Expect During and After Treatment

Make sure your patients are prepared for the treatment. Some patients experience mild discomfort during their laser skin treatment for stretch marks. This is normal, but make sure your patient knows that most patients do not experience pain during the procedure. 

The treatment itself can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how many areas are treated. Patients should also note that, though there is no real “down time” for this kind of procedure, their stretch marks may appear more prominent during the days following the treatment. Assure them that this is normal and will subside within one week. 

It is very important to keep patient expectations realistic when discussing treatment results. Patients may not see the final appearance of their treatment for up to 6 months after their laser treatment for stretch marks. Depending on the severity of the stretch marks, some patients may even require multiple treatments. 

The Best Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Laser treatment for stretch marks may initially seem intimidating for patients. But explaining this effective treatment properly will put their minds at ease. 

At Alma Lasers, we have several different machines designed to target and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Click here to view all of our modern laser options. 

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