Top 7 Spring Skincare Tips for Glowing, Radiant Skin

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Spring Skincare Tips Alma Lasers

With spring in full swing – bonus points for rhyming – the way people do skincare also needs to match this important seasonal change. The same skincare routines you do in winter, or for any other season for that matter, won’t have the same effectiveness in the floral, transitional season of spring. In this article, we’ll delve into 7 unique spring skincare tips that you can do today to make sure your skin is glowing as brightly as the spring sun.

From switching products or turning to professional services, we have what you need so let’s get right to it!

Spring Tip 1 – Switch to a lightweight moisturiser

Our first spring skincare tip is switching to a lightweight moisturiser. It’s very normal and in fact recommended to use heavy moisturisers during winter. In winter, the dropping temperatures and harsh conditions (such as dry air) can cause skin to dry out and flake, hence the need for heavy moisturisers.

In spring however, the improved conditions and greater humidity allow you to get away with using lighter moisturisers. These lighter variations are more easily absorbable, keeping your face moisturised while you’re out enjoying the spring weather. Turn to water-based or gel formula moisturisers for maximum effect.

Spring Tip 2 – Exfoliate the winter skin

The build up of layers of dry skin is another, often overlooked, effect of the usage of heavy moisturisers in the winter months. This is also a big reason why acne flare ups are common during the cold season. To prep your skin for the warmer, spring weather, it’s important to exfoliate these built up layers of skin.

Mild exfoliation performed once or twice a week will effectively remove the dead skin. It will also keep your face looking glowing and radiant. It’s important to keep it mild since freshly exfoliated skin is susceptible to sun damage. When picking a gentle exfoliator try to avoid any with rough particles such as micro-beads.

Spring Tip 3 – Get a carbon laser peel

Professional skin resurfacing services are a fantastic way to treat your skin this spring. One of the most popular skin resurfacing methods are carbon laser peels.

The carbon laser treatment peel is a revolutionary laser skin treatment that makes use of lasers to treat various skin conditions and imperfections. Its popularity is due to the fact that the treatment is largely painless, has no side effects, no downtime, and immediate results. Carbon laser peels not only treat skin conditions such as acne. It also evens skin tone, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and removes dark spots.

Spring Tip 4 – Eat and drink for healthy skin

Another important spring skincare tip is to eat and drink accordingly. The warmer weather is a welcome invitation to dining out, picnics and restaurant visits with friends and family, and 9 times out of 10, the food you’ll be consuming doesn’t line up with the overall health of your skin. 

That’s why it’s important to supplement your skincare routine and visits to your local laser clinic with food and drink that promote healthy skin. These include food such as fatty fish, walnuts, broccoli, avocados and green tea.

Spring Tip 5 – Ramp up the sunscreen

Spring calls for light, breezy clothing and more skin showing! And you know that has an added effect – more sun exposure thus more sunscreen.

People often forget the importance of sunscreen, sidelining sunscreen’s necessity until the summer months. However, sun protection is essential to good healthy skin, even in Spring. Many dermatologists agree that it is non-negotiable! 

Because we spend more time outside and are exposed to direct sunlight during spring, it is critical to protect yourself from harmful UV rays that can cause sun damage and premature wrinkles. Be sure to apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every morning, even when the weather seems overcast. Your skin will be very thankful for it.

Spring Tip 6 – Stay hydrated with mists

We mentioned how you are more likely to be out and about during the warmer months, enjoying the sunlight and toasty weather. Being outside in the elements makes it even more important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you don’t want to be slathering moisturiser every hour, you can instead turn to face mists.

Face mists are sprayable bursts of hydration and moisture. They typically contain nourishing ingredients such as essential oils and vitamins. It’s definitely recommended to keep a bottle of mist on you during the day for continuous hydration.

Spring Tip 7 – Effective, lasting hair removal

As the temperatures begin to get warmer and the sun starts to shine, many of us will be inclined to ditch the winter coats in favour of sundresses, skirts and shorts. Less clothes means more skin and like many women, you’ll be looking for a way to effectively remove the hair that’s grown out during winter.

Laser stands at the top of the laser hair removal game thanks to its overall effectiveness and efficiency. Many modern laser hair removal machines are able to do so with minimal downtime and maximum comfort, making them the ideal choice for removing that stubborn leg or arm hair in time for the spring months.

Follow these spring skincare tips for best results this season

Like the flowers that bloom in the spring, let your skin flourish this season! Our spring skincare routine tips are versatile enough to ensure that your skin is radiant and glowing, from fixing your diet or experiencing the great results of laser treatments. Enjoy spring the way it should be, shining and blemish free! For more articles about laser treatments and your skin health head on over to the Alma Laser blog today.

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