8 Benefits of Vascular Laser Treatments

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Are you looking at ways to improve your skin? You are not alone. Around 1 in 3 surveyed Australians do not feel comfortable with how they look and are looking for a solution, which could be vascular laser treatment. 

Vascular skin problems are issues that impact the blood vessels under your skin, causing issues such as spider veins, birthmarks, and other malformations. Vascular lesions can appear in any part of the body, which makes them challenging to conceal.

Along with being difficult to conceal, vascular skin issues were difficult to treat until recently. The good news is that laser treatments are now an alternative therapy to try. Read on to learn more about vascular laser treatment and its top eight benefits. 

What Causes Vascular Skin Issues?

Vascular skin lesions are caused by blood vessels that have ruptured or are malformed under the skin. Some are present at birth, also known as congenital vascular lesions. However, some occur as people age, most commonly varicose veins, and cherry angiomas. 

How Does Vascular Laser Treatment Work? 

Vascular laser treatment is one of the laser treatment options which targets blood vessels using light waves. The wavelengths penetrate your outer layers of skin to reach the identified areas. This light energy creates heat in the area, which leads to the body regenerating these areas of skin. 

Vascular laser treatment addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • Birthmarks
  • Broken capillaries
  • Redness 
  • Early scars 
  • Infantile haemangiomas 
  • Warts

During treatment, you are lying down or in a reclined seat, depending on the skin area. You will be given protective eyewear to wear, and the practitioner will set the laser parameters. A trained professional practitioner will then apply the treatment, which takes between 15 to 30 minutes on average. 

Benefits of Vascular Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment options have grown in recent year, as technology and research has led to impressive success rates. Patients seeking relief from vascular skin issues are increasingly seeking laser treatments. Here are some of the top reasons to try vascular laser treatment. 

1. Improved Vascular Activity

One of the top benefits of laser treatment is that it improves vascular activity, which helps your body create new capillaries. It also accelerates the formation of new blood vessels, called angiogenesis, so you can experience almost instant results. This blood vessel treatment also triggers vasodilation, which is when your blood vessels widen, which aids the healing process. 

Many previous treatments for vascular skin problems could not specifically target blood vessels and encourage regeneration. This treatment option can, so anyone who is looking to reduce skin redness and vascular marks can benefit from this treatment. 

2. Reduce and Eliminate Vascular Issues

While it is essential to have realistic expectations, vascular laser treatment can provide visible results. As vascular laser treatment encourages vascular activity and targets specific areas of the skin, you can reduce the appearance of vascular skin issues and, in some cases, eliminate them.

How many treatments you need depends on your vascular skin issue, but many patients notice immediate improvements to their skin. 

Once you have eliminated the vascular area, the result is permanent. However, you may require future treatment if you have an ongoing blood vessel condition. There are some instances where other medication or treatment is required, such as with some spider veins or deeper veins. 

3. Protect Healthy Skin

Many skin treatments cannot target a specific area, which also exposes healthy skin to treatment, which can be a concern for some patients. However, vascular laser treatment protects your healthy skin as it is a precise and accurate process.

You do not have to worry about damaging any of your surrounding skin. Laser parameters are set, and often a colored light is used to increase the precision of the treatment. However, it is important to follow post-care treatment recommendations, as your skin can be more sensitive, such as to exposure to sunlight. 

You can add another treatment to support skin recovery if you want to further protect healthy skin from aging, such as wrinkles, scars, skin laxity, or fine lines. 

4. Minimal Discomfort 

Another benefit of vascular laser treatment is that it causes minimal discomfort. Many people compare it to snapping an elastic band against the skin. Some people find it relaxing without any pain, so it depends on the individual too. 

Sometimes a numbing cream is used beforehand, such as if treatment will be in a particularly sensitive area or due to an individual patient’s case. Areas such as the legs can be more painful areas; however, your practitioner will take steps to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

After treatment, you may be given cool packs to help reduce swelling and any discomfort. As long as you follow recommendations, such as avoiding vigorous physical activity that can dilate blood vessels, the pain subsides fast, and swelling is temporary. 

5. Few Side Effects 

One of the reasons the laser treatment market continues to grow is because it is non-evasive with minimal side effects. Temporary side effects can include:

  • Redness 
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling

These side effects can quickly subside, which means many people can continue with their daily commitments without disruption. Other forms of treatment, such as medication, can come with a variety of side effects or long recovery times, such as surgical procedures. 

Rare side effects of vascular laser treatment can include scarring, crusting, thinning of the skin, and colour changes. However, the risks of this are reduced if you pick a reputable provider who will do a thorough assessment before you go ahead with vascular laser therapy. There are also times when laser treatment is not suitable, such as when you are pregnant, have an infection, or have a medical condition that makes you more sensitive to light. 

6. Boost Self-confidence 

Vascular skin problems do not only cause visible issues; they can also have a psychological impact. Some people find it impacts their self-confidence, and they may avoid certain activities such as socializing or taking photos as a result. However, studies have found that vascular laser treatments can reduce psychological distress significantly

As vascular laser treatment can make marks less noticeable, you may experience a boost in self-confidence. You will be less preoccupied with your skin and can begin to enjoy more activities again if you were experiencing low self-esteem previously. 

It is important to note that the psychological impact of vascular skin issues is individual. Studies noticed increased reductions in psychological distress with less severe vascular lesions. 

7. Minimal Preparation and Maintenance 

Vascular laser treatment appeals to many people because minimal preparation and maintenance are involved. It is essential that you protect your skin leading up to treatment to ensure it is safe to carry out the treatment.

You may have to delay treatment if you have burnt skin or an infection. In preparation, it is best to wear sunscreen with high SPF and protective clothing, especially in areas with high UV exposure, such as Australia, which has some of the highest UV levels in the world.

It is also important to avoid medications and supplements that may increase the chance of bruising, such as aspirin or Vitamin E. However, your practitioner will recommend you discuss any medication changes with your doctor before treatment. 

You do not have to worry about regular maintenance either. You may have to return for treatment if you experience vascular flare-ups or have a severe issue. However, people can usually continue their daily activities, asides from strenuous physical activity after treatment.

You should follow any recommendations from your laser practitioner to guarantee a smooth recovery and long-lasting success. However, you do not have to worry about long-lasting side effects or other problems you will have to manage after treatment. 

8. Cost-effective 

One of the best benefits of vascular laser treatment is that it is a cost-effective option to help treat vascular problems. While there is an initial investment, you can experience long-lasting and durable results. You do not have to worry about long recovery times like many evasive surgeries, which can mean time off work. 

Once you have completed your course of treatment, you are done. You do not have to worry about investing in costly maintenance routines. The only additional cost may be more treatments at a later date if new issues arise.

It is essential you pick a reputable provider with quality equipment to ensure your investment pays off. Take the time to research to find a qualified practitioner you can trust so you reap the benefits of vascular laser treatment. 

The Best Vascular Laser Treatment Provider

Now you know the benefits of vascular laser treatment. But scheduling a consultation for your own treatment plan will help you learn more.

Finding a provider with the experience and qualifications to provide treatment is essential. Alma Lasers are the global innovator of solutions, including laser treatment. We strive to deliver cutting-edge technologies to drive the industry forward.

Are you ready to book your vascular laser treatment? Search for a certified Alma provider near you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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