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Alma Accent Lite

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Skin Tightening

Results after: 3 treatments 

Courtesy of Dr. Fernando Urdiales, Aesthetic medicine, Málaga, Spain


The Alma Accent Lite is a multi-application platform that targets the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis for a full face and body contouring, skin tightening, and aesthetic enhancement workstation. It combines advanced technology utilising concentrated thermal radiofrequency energy. The Alma Accent Lite is an enhanced innovative solution that maximises patient comfort and provides clinically proven long-lasting results.

Next generation 4 levels depth control

Patented technology

Ergonomic applicator tips

Clinically proven

No consumables

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Alma Accent Lite utilizes Alma’s advanced technologies and patient-centric approach to achieve optimal clinical results

AlmaWave 40.68HMz Technology

The unique 40.68MHz frequency facilitates deep, homogenous heating for visible, long lasting results. 


Patented Alma UniPolar technology allows for effective and safe heating at various skin depths. It operates via a single electrode, delivering concentrated RF energy that reaches into the deeper layers of the skin without causing patient discomfort.


Thermoelectric Cooling technology enables the delivery of RF energy deep into the skin, without causing patient bruising or discomfort. 

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