Soprano Titanium – Best New Laser Treatment of The Year

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Have you experienced Alma’s latest laser treatment, the Soprano Titanium? Did you think it was amazing? Well, you’re not alone! Recently, the esteemed magazine “myfacemybody” awarded it the title of “Best New Treatment of The Year” in the United Kingdom. The award was announced during a live online broadcast from Las Vegas, which also featured several other categories in the aesthetic industry, such as “best clinic” and “best aesthetic doctor.” Additionally, Alma Lasers, the developer of the Soprano Titanium professional laser hair removal machine, received another award for their innovation, the ClearLift laser treatment, which was named “Best Anti-Ageing Treatment of The Year”.

The technology behind the Soprano Titanium laser has already been in use with older versions of this laser. Those are the Soprano ICE Platinum and Soprano ICE lasers. Those Soprano laser models also received similar awards in past years. However, for both patient and practitioner, what makes this in essence a whole new laser treatment is that it’s remarkably faster. This new laser treats large areas such as the back, legs or chest in 50% of the time. This means you can be in and out of the laser clinic quickly. Read more here to find out how does it work.

For the upscale beauty clinics in major cities like New York, Paris, Hong Kong & London, reducing treatment times is vital. Real estate and business rent fees have been skyrocketing. This situation requires aesthetic centers to fit as many possible clients in a day’s work. Moreover, patients expect them to keep treatment prices affordable. Those leading clinics must not compromise on safety and quality of treatments so finding one that embodies all such as the new Soprano Titanium is a blessing.

The magazine has given the award to the Soprano Titanium for 2019. It has already gained immense popularity in the UK, Spain, Netherlands and more European markets. However, with the largest hair removal markets such as Argentina, Brazil set to get the Soprano Titanium device in 2020, the popularity is expected to grow tenfold.

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