Advances in Laser Treatments: The Benefits of Laser Pigmentation Removal

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Pigmentation Removal

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jena Dewan, Zoe Foster Blake, and Olivia Munn have all spoken up about using laser treatments to deal with hyperpigmentation, especially on their faces. The procedure is one of the many new developments in laser treatments that are gaining popularity for targeting skin issues.

As an authorised distributor of laser scar removal machines and laser skin tightening machines in Australia, Alma Lasers has seen growing interest from the general public about these treatments. And as laser pigmentation removal becomes more popular, it has resulted in more clinics buying laser pigmentation removal machines and offering the procedure. 

This gives many people struggling with skin pigmentation issues a way to get the fast results and benefits of specialised laser treatment.

The Top Benefits of Skin Pigmentation Removal Treatments

Speed of results

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles, and sunspots typically take a lot of time to fade. Even with the use of over-the-counter skincare or professional-strength serums, the wait to see any effects may range from 3-24 months. 

But with laser pigmentation removal, patients only have to wait 7-10 days before they start to see the effects. The skin’s pigmentation becomes less noticeable, and in about two weeks, your cell turnover would’ve faded the mark significantly. 

Furthermore, with most skincare regimens, you need to consistently apply the treatments daily for months to gain the results. With laser skin pigmentation, you’ll only need 3-6 sessions total before the effects are complete. 

Limited side-effects

Some topical creams or serums can cause skin tenderness, peeling, and other uncomfortable effects. Retinol, for example, when used at a high potency, can cause photosensitivity and leave the skin very sensitive, which is why it isn’t recommended for daily use. 

However, laser skin pigmentation causes minimal damage to your skin tissue. While there might be some soreness after the procedure, you can alleviate any discomfort with an ice pack. The process is less painful than an ablative laser. This makes it ideal for people with minimal skin damage.

Can resolve multiple skin issues

The effectiveness of most dark-spot correcting skincare on the market often depends on the level of melanin on your skin and the darkness of the pigmentation. You’ll likely need more time and a stronger potency in the ingredients for darker scarring. For example, a light scattering of freckles can get resolved more quickly, especially if you stay out of the sun than a dark acne scar or a flat birthmark.

But laser skin pigmentation can resolve multiple types of skin pigmentation issues at once. Advanced pigmentation removal treatments can tackle age spots, sunspots, hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, and more. The dermatologist can adjust the laser intensity as they perform the procedure, specifically targeting each spot as needed.

Stimulates your skin

The laser does more than break up the pigmentation in your skin. The lasers’ wavelengths can also be adjusted to stimulate collagen growth under the skin. As a result, the skin becomes refreshed and brighter as new, healthy skin rises to the surface. Fine lines and wrinkles get erased, giving you a more youthful overall appearance and with fewer blemishes.

How Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal Works

The laser is designed to target pigmented areas of the skin. The skin absorbs the light without receiving damage in the surrounding areas. Because of the laser’s heat, the pigment or melanin under the skin shatters and rises to the skin’s top surface, where it eventually flakes off or fades with the natural shedding of skin cells.

This makes it a very safe and effective option for multiple types of skin damage. The body may take a whole month to process the pigment itself. Depending on the flaking, peeling, or general skin sensitivity following the treatment, you may need to keep sun exposure and physical exertion at a minimum of up to 10 days.

Gain Maximum Benefits With Licensed Professionals

You gain the most benefits and the best laser pigmentation removal procedures from qualified, licensed professionals who understand the treatment. Specialists can correctly analyse the intensity of the laser necessary to ensure correct targeting for your skin pigmentation.

Alma Lasers has been in the business of providing advanced laser treatments for a variety of skin concerns for many years. We cater to providers and skincare professionals alike, giving state-of-the-art laser treatment machines and equipment. We can provide advanced aesthetic, surgical, and non-surgical solutions for your skin for patients. Contact us today to speak with a consultant and find ideal laser treatment solutions for patients and providers alike.

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