A Complete Guide to Treating Thigh Cellulite

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thigh cellulite

Cellulite is a bodily issue that many people struggle with. Whether you’re overweight or at a healthy weight, it’s possible to have problem areas on your hips, thighs, and other areas. 

Many people get laser treatments to help with cellulite. The aesthetic laser market is worth approximately $970 million right now.  

There are also plenty of other treatments and remedies that people use to treat their cellulite. 

These tips will help you get rid of thigh cellulite in ways that work.  

How to Get Rid of Thigh Cellulite

Cellulite is an issue that you can tackle head-on when you have the right strategies and awareness about it. 

Understanding cellulite issues will help you tackle them head-on. The thighs are some of the main areas where people deal with cellulite. 

Here are some natural steps that you can take that will help you relieve your cellulite issues. 

Get Your Weight to a Manageable Level

The main variable you have control over is your weight when you’re looking to eliminate cellulite. The thighs particularly carry a lot of fat that can lead to cellulite development. 

Today, 67% of adults in Australia are obese or overweight. Visit the physician to learn more about your weight and body mass index (BMI) to see what’s a healthy, reasonable goal to shoot for. 

The doctor will take your height, weight, and blood pressure to figure out how to hit your target goals. Once you know what metrics to hit, you can start a workout plan that can help you lose weight and attain the body fat percentage that works for you. 

Fix Your Diet and Nutrition

Having a goal and exercising only works when you pair it with diet and nutrition. 

Making changes to your diet can help you get rid of cellulite issues. Take the time to figure out what balance of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you need.  

Plan to go to the grocery store and cut out how much eating out you do. You have more control over the nutrients that you put into your body when you buy groceries, plan your meals, and cook at home. 

There are also plenty of healthy food delivery services that will make sure you’re fueling your body with meals that are nutritious. 

Add Some Muscle Tone

Managing your muscle mass will also help you keep cellulite problems at bay. Add some weight training and resistance exercise to your regimen so that you can build muscle and burn fat. 

Bench pressing, power cleans, squats, lunges, and other exercises can help you build lean muscle so that your skin is tighter and you’re less likely to deal with cellulite issues. 

Consider Some Supplements

As you look to make your body trimmer and fitter, make sure that you also add some supplements to your intake. Taking the right supplements can help you burn fat, build muscle, and nurture your skin. 

Using the right supplements, along with plenty of great nutrients, will allow you to achieve your BMI and body fat percentage goals. 

Some of the supplements that can help improve your health toward these ends include:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • L-Arginine
  • Collagen supplements
  • Vitamin B6
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C

Taking the time to supplement with the nutrients that you need will be the tools that you need to sculpt your body to your liking. 

Look Into Laser Procedures 

There are plenty of cellulite laser treatments that you can take advantage of that will help you deal with these issues. This is one of the biggest areas of rejuvenation work that people get due to its effectiveness. 

Here are some points to learn about laser procedures:

Study the Type of Procedure

If you want to handle your cellulite issues, find out the details of the procedures. It’s a cosmetic issue that many providers specialize in, thanks to laser technology. 

Cellulite laser treatment can help you get rid of this issue, which affects 80 to 90% of women. These procedures involve the use of radio frequency (RF) energy and massage therapy to help you get rid of the problem areas. 

It’s a procedure that removes cellulite by boosting adipose tissue metabolism. When directed at problem areas, the procedure will reduce your fat cell volume to nip the cellulite in the bud.  

Research the Laser Equipment

Ask the clinic what type of laser therapy equipment they use for their services. This will usually involve either hot lasers or cold lasers for cellulite removal. 

With hot lasers, the treatment will be either non-ablative or ablative. Ablative lasers are the same types that professionals use for tasks like tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and acne treatments. 

Non-ablative lasers offer stronger, shorter pulses and help your body produce more collagen. 

Find out the model of the machinery to look into the specifications and how long it has been in existence. It will typically have a comfortable, adjustable table that you will be able to lay on once you receive treatment.  

Find a Laser Therapy Clinic

Do your best to find the best laser therapy clinic you can to handle your cellulite removal Research the clinics and find out about their credentials and track record in helping people through their cellulite issues. 

When you speak to the clinic, they will walk you through every aspect of the service so that you can decide whether it’s for you or not, and whether this is the clinic that you want to rely on. 

They should be able to not only produce a copy of their professional license but also proof that they follow laser and IPL regulations. Consider the state that they are located in and ask for references so that you know you’re working with quality professionals that are great at the work they do.  

Measure the Cost of Your Laser Treatments

If you’re going to get cellulite lasering service, you should also have a clear indication of how much it will cost you. Expect to pay at least $250 to $300 per session for your laser cellulite treatments. 

Most professionals will need to see you for at least three or four sessions to mark sure that the procedure is working correctly. Always ask about the prices upfront so that you can learn about their billing process or about payment plans that they allow. 

Shop for prices between a few different laser treatment pros just to make sure you’re given the best price.  

Consider Topical Treatments

Plenty of people use topical treatments to overcome their cellulite issues. You can rub a topical cream or ointment on your skin that will begin addressing your cellulite issues head-on.

These topical solutions generally have a mixture of essential oils and moisturizers. This stimulates blood flow and helps you to smooth out your skin so that it is healthy and nourished. People often use topical treatments in conjunction with cupping, massage therapy, and other services. 

Read the Ingredients and Reviews

Make sure you do your research so that you can learn as much as possible about the topical. Only buy and use one that has verified reviews from other people who have been able to use it successfully. 

You’ll need to follow the instructions closely, which could mean applying the cream as many as three times per day. Apply it to the problem area and rub the topical in liberally so that your skin is reaping the full benefits. 

Consider the ingredients list so that you know what you’re absorbing into your body. You might want to stay away from cellulite creams that have synthetic chemicals and potentially harmful additives. Do your research into every ingredient found in the topical so that you are conscious of the potential danger or risk.  

Learn which products helped other people and figure out if it’s the right choice for your cellulite treatment needs. 

Shop Around Based on Price and Convenience

Make sure that you choose a topical that you can keep in full supply and use whenever you need to. These products shouldn’t cost you more than about $20 to $30 or so, and many come in a kit with multiple creams, lotions, gels, and other topicals. 

Try it out and make sure that you enjoy the smell, feel, and consistency of the topical. It’s easier to stay on track with your treatments when you know that the smell and sensations won’t be distracting to your everyday life.  

Get Skin Rejuvenation Services

Taking care of your skin health will help you long-term with your cellulite problems. When this is what you’re looking for, it pays to seek out skin rejuvenation services that can help you out. 

Many clinics offer rejuvenation to people dealing with all sorts of imperfections. Here’s how you can take advantage: 

Understand the Nature of the Treatment

Looking into skin rejuvenation services can assist you in getting rid of troublesome cellulite. People often get skin rejuvenation once their skin becomes thinner and doesn’t produce as much collagen. 

This makes your skin less durable and elastic and can multiply any cellulite or stretch mark issues that you might be dealing with. Skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive method that also puts laser technology to use. 

Once the professional sees that you have a problem cellulite area or another issue, they will make the problem area and begin applying laser treatments to help with collagen production and full recovery. 

The lasers add heat and create tiny injuries that must heal up. As they heal, your body will produce fresh new skin, which can lower the amount of cellulite that you’re dealing with. 

It’s a mixture of technology and natural healing since the procedure stimulates your body’s intrinsic ability to produce new fat and skin cells, along with a youthful and exuberant appearance.  

Consider the Type of Rejuvenation That You Need

People often get different types of skin rejuvenation to go alongside their cellulite removal services. Consider this a way to put the finishing touches on your skin and to make sure that the appearance and feel of your skin is what you’re looking for. 

There are different types of rejuvenation that focus on certain areas of your body. They also use lasers of different types and temperatures, along with other steps that are necessary for the process. 

Some of the different kinds of skin rejuvenation that you can get include:

  • OPUS
  • Alma Hybrid
  • DermaClear
  • Sinon II
  • Soprano Titanium

Getting the best from your skin with one of these rejuvenation treatments means that you’ll not only get rid of cellulite, be help to prevent cellulite issues in the future. 

Ask your professional about any aftercare that you will need to deal with. These treatments have different levels of care and healing depending on the nature of the work, your body type, and the severity of your cellulite or other skin issues. 

Book enough appointments to make sure that you’re getting the end result that you will be proud of from your skin issues.  

Speak to a Professional That Can Help

Thigh cellulite doesn’t have to be something that troubles you for much longer. It’s the kind of issue that can make anyone self-conscious. You might even stop wearing certain outfits or participating in some activities because of cellulite.

As long as you consider the information above you will be in a better position to get the help and treatment that you’re looking for. 

Let Alma help you with any treatment that you need. Take the time to contact us online or by calling +61 2 8339 4791. 

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