A look back at Alma Lasers Australia’s Lockdown & Learn Webinar series

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Lockdown was a difficult time for all of us. But with Australia recently coming out of lockdown, it gives us at Alma Lasers Australia an opportunity to look back at how we managed to stay connected with our clients and customers despite being isolated from each other.

At Alma Lasers, we take great pride in being able to do more than just provide customers with the latest laser technology and equipment. It’s why we aim to enhance our customers’ experience with us by providing valuable learning resources and material which are designed to maximise the value they get out of our products.

Our passion to teach and educate didn’t wane during lockdown. We created the ‘Lockdown and Learn’ webinar series to teach our clients and stay engaged with them in the midst of a national lockdown.

The Lockdown and Learn series were a set of special webinars that covered a range of topics. Topics included skin issue spotlights and product tutorials. Made specifically for our clients, these webinars aimed to broaden their knowledge. They were hosted by our very own Clinical Applications Specialist, Tiarnna Smith.

Our Lockdown and Learn webinar series consists of 7 different webinars, each tackling their own topic.

Webinar 1: Combining Forces: New Harmony XL Pro Combination Protocols

In this Webinar, we discuss how combining different laser technologies can provide many benefits for your patients. Using the Harmony XL Pro and its many different features (such as the ClearLift and ClearSkin) as an example, we take a look at how it provides better clinical results, less down time and more!

Webinar 2: Treating Vascular Lesions

In this special webinar, we welcome special guest Karen Sher from Beauty and Laser by Karen to discuss how to treat vascular lesions. We cover the different types of vascular lesions such as rosacea and varicose. We also demonstrate treatment using a variety of methods such as sclerotherapy and EBD.

Webinar 3: Pores

In our Pores Spotlight webinar, host Tiarnna Smith discusses how to minimise the appearance of pores in our patients. Starting with an anatomical breakdown of pores, the webinar then goes on to discuss the two main methods of treatment, topicals (such as exfoliants and Vitamin A) and EBD (such as lasers and hydradermabrasion).

Webinar 4: Skin Resurfacing

The fourth webinar in our Lockdown and Learn series focuses on the topic of skin resurfacing. We take a deep dive and learn exactly what it is. We also learn about the science behind laser technology and skin resurfacing in order to broaden our knowledge. Our goal is also to help clients treat their patients better.

Webinar 5: Pigmentation

The first of our ‘Spotlight’ webinars in the series, this particular webinar discusses the topic of pigmentation. We learn the many types of pigmentation from melasma to PIH. We also break down the anatomy of pigmentation – why does it occur? Finally, we take a look at the various methods of treatment including AFT, Q-Switch and Pico.

Webinar 6: Acne

Our next Lockdown and Learn website covers acne. We discuss the anatomy of acne, including why and how it happens. The three most common methods of acne – topical, oral and EBT – are also discussed at great length. We break down each treatment method; taking a look at the different kinds of treatment within each method, such as retinols, isotretinoin and hydradermabrasion.

Webinar 7: Cellulite

The final webinar in our Lockdown and Learn series covers cellulite. Like our other Spotlight webinars, we take a look at cellulite to learn what is and why it occurs. Once we have a firm understanding of the issue, we look at how to treat it, including injectables such as biostimulators, and EBD methods such as ultrasound and radiofrequency.

Our Lockdown and Learn webinar series was a great success, allowing our clients to continually learn even in the midst of lockdown. The recorded webinars featured in our series are also currently available for those who wish to build and grow their knowledge! If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected].

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